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Admission Policy

In order for your child to be admitted into Rainbow Academy, appropriate paperwork must be completed and returned for files.  These include: Completed Admission Information form, Parent Agreement form, copy of parent’s ID.  Immunization records (TB test is no longer required (for children) in Dallas County, City of Irving).  Child Assessment form, CACFP MEAL BENEFIT ENROLLMENT AND INCOME form, Signed and dated Parent Handbook Policy Acknowledgement form and signed and dated Photo/Video/Media Permission form. Hearing and vision screening must be done and documented on file for all children age four years and older by September 1st.  You will have 120 days from date of enrollment, to provide verification of hearing and vision screening.

Group of Children

Child Care Program Applications


Payments, Fees, Late Payments


Registration/enrollment fee and tuition payments are due in advance.  Subsequent tuition payments are due weekly, every Monday. Tuition is due every Monday.  If tuition is not paid by 11:59 pm Monday, a $30.00 late fee will be added weekly every Tuesday at 12:00 am, to all unpaid balances. Registration/Enrollment fees are due annually based on the anniversary of enrollment date. Rainbow Academy closes at 6:30 pm.  Children picked up after closing are considered late and will incur a late fee of $1.00 per minute.  Late fees must be paid upon arrival the following morning. 

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